NBA Live Mobile Game Review – Best or Not ?

A review video made by Troydan (An online Youtuber who loves to give game reviews). Watch it out –

NBA Live Mobile game is made by EA Sports who are a game Corporation specialized in Sports field. The gameplay of NBA Live is very easy and simple. All you need to enter is your Age, Name and you are ready with the demo. To get started, You need to select one of teams like Charlotte Hornets, Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets, Atlanta awks, Detroit Pistons, Golden state Warriors, Los angels lakers etc. After choosing, You just need to move your player to Circle and Shoot a goal. Take it to the green bar and the more accurate shoot will be thrown by the player.

Getting 3 goals, you are all set to get rewards. The more better you perform, the better your XP level would be and more score you get awarded. There are following Resources written below –

  • Stamina
  • NBA Cash
  • Coins
  • XP Level

Yes, in my opinion NBA Live mobile is best game on mobile devices in genre of Sports. Things get tougher once you play about 20 levels.

If you want to hack it then you must try out the Online Hack for this purpose. It works very well with all types of devices.

You need more stamina and in order to do it, you need to have nba cash as well. Playing this game online with friends make it more unique. Upgrade your XP level only by playing with different teams and beating them one by one. Enjoy the gameplay video and do comments below about it.

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