How to Play NBA Live Mobile on PC?

EA is widely popular smartphone, PC and Consoles’ game developer that has so many popular developments. NBA Live Mobile is trending one for smartphone. A game based on basketball with lots of features. Anyone can begin by downloading it from Google Play Store and Apple App Store however some people want to enjoy mobile games on PC. Well, the game is not available for Microsoft Windows or Mac but there are few methods that can help. This guide is going to help you know the method to play NBA Live Mobile on PC.

NBA Live Mobile On PC

Using an Emulator

There are lots of gamers who want to use android apps on PC and the Android game is also an app that has extension of APK. The Android emulators are software that can run .APK files in PC and Mac. There are many companies that provide such emulator but few of them are free and some are available for membership. You can try out the given below emulators –

  • AMIDuos
  • Android’s Studio Emulator
  • Andy
  • Archon
  • Bluestacks 3

These are some of the popular emulators that are available for free as well as they provide membership in which you won’t get any advertisement while using these tools. Try out Bluestacks 3 that is a popular one from a long time and it is used by lots of people. You can access to google play store on the platform.

“Before purchasing an emulator, you should get the trial version first and check it out for few days. If you are comfortable playing NBA Live Mobile on PC then gets the emulator’s membership or buy it”

Install Android Emulators

You can download the emulators from the official website and there is a purchase option too.

Just open the software and if this Bluestacks 3 and something like this then there is google play store option.

Open it but make sure to provide right country information otherwise it is hard to get the benefit of some options.

Search for NBA Live Mobile and if you haven’t logged in Gmail account then enter it or create one.

Download the game and run it. As someone wants to play on keyboard and mouse then it can still help but most probably, it’s hard to access some option. A touch screen laptop is best to play android games on PC.

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Setting the Resolution

The Android emulators are able to provide any of the resolution and ratio. You can go to setting of the emulator and change the options like what you need.

It is easy to use a size of iPad and it can be given the size of a standard mobile screen. Start playing by keyboard mouse or the use of touch.

How To Play?

PC isn’t a familiar device to play smartphone games but when gamers do, surely they have something in mind. Keyboard and mouse can provide better control over touch screen games and you can win with ease.

  • Get started by downloading NBA Live Mobile and playing.
  • Focus on making teams and upgrading players to progress.
  • Earn coins and keep on spending on good players.
  • Make a strategy to win over the opponent.
  • Setting the lineup is important to improve strategy.
  • Play live events and other leagues to earn trophies.

You can follow some of the strategy guides and build a good team as well as dominate over all the modes. The option to spend real money and purchasing coins can help for sure. On the other hand, it is less risky to use modified APK that have unlimited coins.

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